The first international MBA course: Faculty of entrepreneurship of the Tehran University and University of Gloucestershire: 
The Faculty of Entrepreneurship of the University of Tehran will start virtual MBA courses for the first time in Iran in cooperation with University of Gloucestershire of England. The Faculty of Entrepreneurship has provided an opportunity for applicants to be pass 120 credit of a master degree in Iran, and succeeding applicants will have the opportunity to fulfil their master theses and master courses with the University of Gloucestershire. Furthermore, applicant will have access to a supervisors’ from the Gloucestershire University and they could finally be graduated with a master degree in MBA from Gloucestershire University, which could pave their way for further education all around the world. 
It is an obligation to take an English exam for all applicants who would like to participate in this program, and by assessing the result applicants will be guided to start the program or take an academic English course, which will be hold by one of the best English language centres of Tehran, Bayan Bartar. In this course applicants will be taught to write academic writings, which is an integral part of a fulfilling an education in English. 
Why do we need an MBA degree?
Studying a MBA helps individuals to achieve the management skills, which is not possible to gain in other fields of study. Knowledge of this field dramatically contributes to the capabilities of the learners as well as to their selection by the board of directors for important plans, decisions, and strategies of any company. Individuals with an MBA degree could become an organization consultant and consulting CEO. Furthermore, it should be noted that the MBA is also recommended for people who would like to establish appropriate job relationships in their work environment. 
MBA could be an also a proper study field for organizational managers, entrepreneurs who are looking to change the attitude and change the vision of their business and seek to improve their skills. Furthermore, individuals could gain principles and techniques of leadership, strategic management, research and effective marketing principles, business law, key success factors, and so on. In fact, Training in MBA courses can be a powerful and up-to-date tool for managers and entrepreneurs to recognize new opportunities and will bring a radical change into their attitude and knowledge towards the organization and the organizational environment. 
School of Entrepreneurship
The School of Entrepreneurship started MBA courses in 2009 and has been able to complete 72 successful courses so far. We proudly announce in these courses to introduce successful managers and entrepreneurs to the community with the presence of eminent professors and workshops rich in information and with up-to-date training, who have been able to succeed in their knowledge-based goals and business. At present, the School of Entrepreneurship in the International MBA course intends to take a new path of science and knowledge in this field, and it is hoped that it will serve a valuable path to the acquisition of knowledge in the country.

English course  
The syllabus of this course is planned as a Content-Based Instruction with a focus on Academic English teaching in the field of management. The characteristics of this course will be summarized as follows:

Teaching AWL academic vocabulary required to take academic courses in English

Necessary techniques for reading specialized texts in English

Teaching the principles of academic reporting and writing

Teaching different skills by specialized professors of the same skill

Teaching specialized words in the field of management

Use video and audio media to accelerate learning

Teaching grammar and necessary structures based on the Focus on form method

Course aims: 

Prepare students for progression to the dissertation element of a master’s degree

 Familiarise students with UK academic practice.

 Equip students with the requisite academic skills

Prepare learners for successful careers as managers and leaders

Increase knowledge and understanding of a broad range of management and leadership fields.

Develop the ability to evaluate business concepts and theories and apply them in an analytical manner to leadership challenges.

Encourage critical thinking and a reflective approach to problem-solving in a wide range of contexts.

Increase awareness of the changing nature of the business environment and the need to achieve objectives in a Sustainable and ethical manner

Challenge students to think beyond their own social and cultural backgrounds

Develop academic/research skills in preparation for embarking on a Masters dissertation

Learning outcomes of the course
A student on successfully completing the course should:

1. Be able to progress to the research element of a masters in a
business or management related field

2. Be acquainted with UK academic practice at which prepares them
for postgraduate study

3. Demonstrate grounded skills and knowledge in business and

Assessment methods
Summative assessment in each year of study that will derive from
the following:

 Written exams

Practical exams

Coursework with varieties drawn from portfolios, case studies,

Presentation, essay and reports.

Career and employability opportunities

Our programme is a full-time course and the modules will see students gain practical insights through engagement with practitioners who will visit our institution and take part in workshops and lectures related to the programme. Support will be given to our students with regards to progression to UK institutions for further study.

Support for Students and for Student Learning
Our students have access to information, advice and guidance on a range of issues through the Student Services team. This can be done in person at the reception desk, or by telephone/e-mail contact. They can virtually access resources with advice through Moodle pages for the programme. We have student support staff who work with the students to guide them with progression related issues. Our students can access our counselling service and we provide access to specialised support for students who have special learning needs. Students can also be referred through their personal tutors or in-person through our reception desk.
Course Requirements

For Graduate Diploma (120 credits)
Take and pass 120 CATS from the Course map below


Academic English for Graduate Study



Research Project



Strategic Management & Leadership



People in Organisations (OB)



Financial Management



Strategic Marketing






Project Management



Sustainability/Ethical leadership



Risk Management



Human Resource Management





The semester details are subject to the timetabling system and are
not subject to validation.




Those who are interested can participate in the international MBA course by visiting the address of Tehran, Amirabad, North Kargar St., corner of 16th St., School of Entrepreneurship, or through the website or Contact 021- 88225027- and 021- 88225028 You can also follow us on social media at the following addresses:

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